Hi Georgetown,

This is a quick blog post to summarize the four key facts about the Austin Avenue Bridges Project. We’ve been sharing this info with you over the last few weeks in our FACTS ad campaign in the Williamson County Sun. You can download your own copy of the Austin Avenue Fact Sheet below.

The Austin Avenue Bridges Project is important to Georgetown in a number of ways. First, there’s the issue of public safety for both drivers, bikers, and hikers. We need our bridges and roadways to be safe for everyone.

Second is mobility and accessibility. Transportation will continue to be a major focal point of the Alliance’s efforts as Georgetown continues its rapid growth. And, Austin Avenue is a key part of the overall plan.

Third, we need to take care of economic and historical assets like Downtown Georgetown, “The Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas.” That includes ensuring that we provide unhindered access to the area even while improvements are being made. And, we need to prevent the kinds of disruptions and detours like those that devastated our neighbor, Salado.

And fourth, we want to advocate for saving taxpayers money whenever possible.

For all of these reasons, the Alliance is backing Option 6A – Rehabilitate the Bridges with a Separate Pedestrian Bridge. Here’s why:

  • It meets our needs for traffic and pedestrian safety.
  • The pedestrian bridge connects our historic downtown with San Gabriel Trail and Rivery Park.
  • It costs at least $5 million dollars less than the construction options.
  • It will result in the least disruption to historic downtown Georgetown.

We recently sent a letter to the City Council urging them to support Option 6A. You can see the letter here.

Will you join us?

Please contact your City Council Member and tell them that you support Option 6A, and they should, too.

For help in contacting your Council Member, click here.

Don’t forget to download your copy of the Fact Sheet below. And, please share it with your neighbors.

[gview file=”http://www.alliancegeorgetown.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/AABridgesFactSheet-Final.pdf”]