University & Austin Ave Corridor Vision Community Survey

Corridor Vision Community Survey

Here is the Finalized Presentation Report of the Community Survey conducted by GNA in September, 2020:

University & Austin Ave Corridor Vision Community Survey [pdf]

Audit Documents

The survey was conducted through this webpage: Downtown Corridor Vision: Community Survey. It ran from September 1, 2020, through the 18th, with results collected from 182 respondents, and gathered into the SurveyMonkey platform, where the data remains archived.

For our presentation report above, we re-displayed some of the data for better comprehension. The original source data can be found in the following documents. We have only altered them to redact the names and email addresses of the 105 people who signed up to be notified on developments regarding the corridors.

Community Vision Corridors Report

The full Community Vision report by GNA for the University and Austin Ave Corridors is here:

Community Vision for University & Austin Ave Downtown Corridors